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Innovative Closures

Fords foil caps are produced on demand in our customers production facility using Fords capping & sealing equipment. In the ultimate just-in-time process, reel-fed foil is converted into Fords caps for immediate application onto filled containers. After application, foil caps are heat-sealed onto the container.

Every Fords foil cap design is unique and ensures perfect harmonisation with the container, meeting process and marketing objectives in one unified capless sealing solution. Fords foil caps have a unique combination of benefits, including:

Innovative design

Fords capless sealing breaks the link that restricts both container and overcap design. By separating container sealing from overcap functionality, designers have the freedom to captivate consumers with eye-catching packaging.

This is possible because a Fords foil cap seals containers without the need for screw threads or induction liners and is not limited to a circular container mouth. This gives greater scope for innovation in container design and focusses overcap design on maximising the consumer experience.

Fords foil caps are custom designed for each application and can feature printing, embossing of a logo or pattern and a variety of design features, both functional and aesthetic. Circular Fords caps are available in diameters from 20mm upwards. Innovative non-round closures are a particular Fords speciality with the cap typically developed alongside the container.

Fords sees packaging innovation as part of a marketing-led strategy to protect market share or increase sales. Bringing the Fords foil closure to the heart of package development will free designers from the limitations of neck design, screw threads, conventional overcaps and process requirements, delivering total package innovation.

Hermetic Seal

Fords foil closures have worldwide acceptance as a hermetic seal and can be sealed onto plastic, glass and metal containers. They can be specified for dry and wet products in aseptic, cold and hot filling, including thermal process for in-pack pasteurisation or sterilisation. To the consumer, a Fords foil seal is proof of product freshness and integrity.

Ease of opening

Easy-opening packaging is a major global trend and Fords foil caps lead the way with an integrated pull-tab. Developments in pull-tab design include the innovative Foldback tab which has a larger surface area, enhancing the Fords easy-peel solution. The Foldback Cap has the significant benefit of sealing to a threaded container without interfering with threads or overcap.

An optimised balance of seal performance and peel forces is obtained by a combination of container design, foil construction and Fords expertise. Low peel forces can also be achieved after hot filling when a container is under vacuum.

Tamper evidence

Fords foil closures are the perfect primary seal because they automatically deliver tamper evidence. The foil seal is trusted by consumers and can be used as part of an anti-counterfeiting strategy.

Low cost

The Fords foil cap is a low cost and sustainable closure which is cost-effective across all platforms and applications. Whether as part of a marketing-led pack innovation or a process-led cost reduction, the Fords cap will deliver optimum value.

Cost savings are greatest when foil is used for a single-serve product without overcap. Foil caps can also reduce packaging costs for multi-serve containers by light-weighting or replacement of the screw cap with a lower cost snap-on overcap.