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Machine Upgrades

Fords Packaging Systems design and manufacture machines to last. High quality parts and more than 90 years of industry knowledge help us lead the way in producing world famous capping presses and sealing machines.
Fords are continually designing products and spare parts so that longer-standing customers can benefit from the latest technology without the need to invest in a new machine and creating parts that increase the machine’s reliability and performance.
Upgrades come in a number of formats. Below are just a few of our popular upgrade options and for more details please click to go to our Knowledge Base
Tool Unit and Chute Upgrade

We understand that your products need to evolve with you, which is why we can adapt your machine to accept new and improved products. All we need from you is a drawing of your latest design. We will then develop a new cap solution and provide you with a quotation for the upgrades required.
Easy-Peel Cap System

Upgrade your cap to improve peelability and reduce costs. The easy-peel cap reduces the skit length, thereby saving material costs, but increases the pull-tab for an easy release.
Foil Guiding System

Increase your machine’s performance and reliability by adding the Fords Foil Guiding System.  The accurate positioning of the foil reduces jams and machine downtime.
Foil Unwind Unit with Mechanical Disk Brake

Technological improvements and innovative design have enabled us to create a system that will reduce unwind and breaking problems, affording more reliable and efficient performance.
Air Cap Applier

The Air Cap Applier is a way of precisely positioning the foil cap to the top of the bottle, improving productivity.
Servo Press Head Conversion

The Fords Servo Press Head Conversion provides accurate positioning and tension control of the aluminium foil during the feed process. Automatic detection of foil joints and splice feed sequences highlights the change in technology from more traditional methods.
Dry Foil Tooling

Essential within aseptic environments, where foil lubrication is not permitted, this system enables dry foil to run through the machine without any major tool degradation.

For more information please click to visit our Knowledge Base