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Fords has the greatest experience in foil sealing plastic containers.  The speed of innovation in plastics has been fast, and Fords are at the forefront of the closure development process.
Fords caps will seal onto PET, HDPE, PP and PS. Many containers have a multi-layer barrier construction for sensitive products and Fords foil caps provide the hermetic seal and tamper evidence that is so critical to pack safety.
Fords foil caps are designed uniquely for each container and are produced for both circular and non-round containers with a variety of features depending on container neck profile and brand-owner objectives. These include optimisation of general cap shape, pull-tab design & function, printing or logo embossing of the foil and balancing seal strength with easy-peel consumer removal.
Development of a non-round plastic container and foil cap is typically undertaken as a joint project with brand-owner, container manufacturer, foil manufacturer and Fords.
The latest technical developments in PET containers uses non-threaded jars designed to be foil-sealed, with an option of snap-on overcap for consumer reseal. The elimination of screw threads broadens the scope for design innovation leading to significant marketing benefits in brand differentiation.
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