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Fords pioneered the use of a peelable foil sealed onto metal cans back in the 1970’s with Cadburys Smash, an iconic British brand of instant mashed potato. The foil cap was sealed directly to a curl and the can had a waisted neck for stackability, with a plastic overcap for reseal. It was truly ahead of its time.
Since then the growth of peelable foil can-ends highlights that ease of opening remains a major driver of packaging development. The downside of current solutions is their high cost which can only be justified on higher margin products.
Fords are re-entering this market with a new foil cap concept that is designed to ensure marketing approval, reduce pack costs and meet all manufacturing requirements. This new Fords cap is perfectly fitted to the can curl, has the Fords new Foldback pull-tab design and has the option to be embossed with any combination of design or logo to maximise marketing impact.
The Fords metal can solution is currently available for dry products and Fords is working with both can manufacturers and end-users to exploit this ground-breaking opportunity.
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