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The sealing of liquid filled bottles has been Fords speciality for over 70 years. Fords pioneered the crimp sealing of returnable glass milk bottles in the 1940’s and 1950’s. All Fords modern applications now use heat-seal foils, giving a hermetic seal and extended shelf life.

Single-serve bottles such as drinking yoghurt require only the foil seal for a very low cost pack. Multiserve bottles can use an extra-lightweight cap for consumer re-closing because the Fords cap provides the hermetic seal.

Fords foil caps will seal to both glass and plastic bottles made from HDPE, PET, PP and PS. Fords sealing technology, in combination with the container neck profile and foil sealing characteristics, creates the optimised balance of seal strength and easy-peel performance.

In the liquid dairy and juice market, Fords partner the world’s filling machine builders to deliver a unified filler bloc with hygiene requirements ranging from short shelf-life chilled, to the latest in aseptically filled shelf-stable products.

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