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Fords heritage from the 1950’s is crimp-sealing foil onto returnable glass milk bottles. Since the 1970’s Fords has been heat-sealing foil caps onto glass and the longest established applications are with non-threaded glass such as a pot or ramekin, where the foil provides the hermetic seal. Current product applications include yoghurt, mustard, mayonnaise, hazelnut spread and desserts including mousses, cheesecakes, crème brulée and other puddings to be cooked at home.
In combination with appropriate foil construction and heat-seal coatings on the glass, Fords can foil seal hot-filled product and have developed cutting edge sealing solutions for pasteurisation and sterilisation in glass, all with easy-peel foil caps.
Foil sealing to glass is a unique opportunity to drive innovation and increase sales as it eliminates the threaded neck, allowing designers to be more creative and consumers to keep the container for use in the home. A foil seal is also easy-peel, particularly when compared to metal screw caps which are typically difficult to remove.
Current marketing-driven glass packages include product packed in a ramekin, water glass, wine glasses and whisky tumblers. Some brand owners use limited edition printing on the glass to personalise the container, encouraging brand loyalty and collectability.
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