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Fords innovation-driven theme for sealing food with foil is the use of non-threaded containers and the advantages this brings.

Food products in glass pots have been foil sealed for over 30 years and originated in the dairy market with set yoghurts. Since then, the process has been used to huge advantage with mustard, hazelnut spread, ready-to-eat desserts and oven-ready puddings. Almost all of these containers have been designed for re-use in the home. The key to the success of this type of product is the nonthreaded container. With no screw cap it eliminates any design restrictions that limit creativity and brand differentiation.

Current foil sealed containers include a drinking glass, wine glass, whisky tumbler and ramekin. The benefits can be further enhanced by printing on the glass as part of a marketing promotion. For example, children’s cartoon characters or the celebration of a major sporting event. These are all marketing-led initiatives, designed to increase sales and build brand loyalty.

Recent technical developments in plastic container construction show an emerging trend towards non-threaded PET jars with the clarity of glass but reduced weight. Fords is actively developing solutions for PET, to offer the food industry even more choice of innovative foil-sealed food products.

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