About Us


Fords was founded in 1924 by two young and enterprising brothers. The company was involved in the UK dairy industry from the start, but it was their development of a machine to produce foil closures for sealing fresh milk in returnable glass bottles that made the company a household name across the world. The company quickly developed a reputation for innovation and built a truly global customer base, leading the world-wide expansion in sustainable supply of fresh milk. Fords is very proud to have played a part in the post WW2 improvements in diet and health across the world.


With the development of plastics technology, the original crimp-sealed foils evolved into heat-sealed foil closures, opening doors to new markets and cutting-edge applications such as aseptic-filling. For more than 90 years Fords has worked in partnership with packaging manufacturers and filling machine builders and is proud to be part of an industry delivering cutting edge solutions to the world’s food and beverage industry.